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Pastor's June 2023 Letter

Dear Beloved of Faith Family Fellowship,    

     Greetings in the Name of the Lord.  This month I would like to share with you on the

23rd Psalm.

     I would like to begin by giving some of the background of this Psalm. At this time David is being pursued relentlessly by Saul. Saul has maneuvered his army in such a way that David is caught in the middle. In the midst of this crisis David writes this Psalm. For David to have such inspiration at such a time speaks of the fellowship/relationship he had with God on a consistent basis. This is a present tense Psalm. We are living in the time of the 23rd Psalm today.

     There are 3 Aspects of Christ’s Shepherd-Ministry:

          1. Christ the Good Shepherd

          2. Christ the Great Shepherd

          3. Christ the Chief Shepherd

     We will take a look at each of these three aspects.

     1. Christ the Good Shepherd –

          In Psalm 22 we have a prophecy and picture of Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice on the cross. Also we see this in Isaiah 53:3-7 (verses 8 and 10 as well). In John 10:11 (verse 14-18) we see the fulfillment of Psalm 22. This is a picture of Jesus as the Good Shepherd laying down His life as the Lamb of God for us in His redemptive work at Calvary’s cross.

     2. Christ the Great Shepherd –

          In Psalm 23 we have a prophecy and picture of Christ being the resurrected Lord victorious over Satan, sin, death and the world. In Hebrews 13:20 we see Psalm 23 being fulfilled in this scripture. Jesus is presently our Great Shepherd Who is Lord and Head of the Church. He died as a Lamb and rose again as Lord and Shepherd. First Peter 2:25 shows us that He is our Shepherd and Bishop (Overseer) which means He is our “Caretaker”, “Protector”, and “Sustainer.”

     3. Christ the Chief Shepherd –

          In Psalm 24 we have a prophecy and picture of Christ as the soon coming “political” King of kings and Lord of lords. In I Peter 5:4 we see this scripture pointing to Psalm 24. This is speaking of when the Chief Shepherd shall appear. This is a future event yet to take place. When He will come back to reign over the nations forever as King of kings and Lord of lords.

     In order to fully grasp what Psalm 23 is saying concerning the Lord being our Shepherd it is imperative that we see these three aspects of Christ’s Shepherd-Ministry to us today.

     Through Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection He has positioned Himself to be our Good Shepherd, our Great Shepherd, and our Chief Shepherd.

     What a redemption He wrought for us! And to experience Him now in these three powerful roles in our lives is to see the fullness of God’s great plan of redemption for our lives.

     It is so clear that God desires to be in Jesus Christ everything we need Him to be to us.

     As you meditate on the 23rd Psalm see Jesus in your heart fulfilling these three roles in your life. He is your Good Shepherd. He is your Great Shepherd. He is your Chief Shepherd.

     Next month we will discuss the 23rd Psalm itself.Dear Beloved of Faith Family Fellowship,




We love you,

Pastor Ron and Betsy


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